Tuesday, July 6, 2010

like the pic says...

I am feeling quite antsy about this whole baby making thing.  Want to fast forward through Thursday's procedure, through waiting for results, through the weeks leading up to the next FET (if I'm lucky and nothing holds us up again).  I also feel a looming chaos... things at work are picking up a little, hours getting a little longer, some outside of work projects are about to start up, the guy renting our condo is moving in with his girlfriend so we need to find a new person and do all the crap that goes along with that... plus we have a generally busy summer... at least time will go quickly as I struggle to stay on top of all of this.  I shouldn't update this thing right after I get home from work when I'm tired and hungry... or it will always be downer-town.  Sorry.  Here are a couple of not whiny things to send you off on a better note: my drive home wasn't terribly trafficy, I rediscovered scotch this weekend and plan on sipping it a few more times before my next FET, my cats are being exceptionally adorable this evening and I wore shoes today that are new and shiny and make me pretty happy.  I didn't say they would be exciting tidbits, just not negative.

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  1. I totally know how you feel about the FFWD thing. I wish I could FFWD and earn a lot of $.

    Yay for good traffic and new shoes! Every day has good bits, if you look hard enough. :)