Monday, July 26, 2010

I would totally go visit Zelda Rubenstein if I could...

Or I guess her character in Teen Witch.  I feel like I would use some magical powers to make this FET go smoothly.  But since I have limited access to tiny witches, I am just trying to will my body to work properly this cycle.  My period came today, right on time... so step one can get checked off.  Here is a list of what needs to go right this cycle:

1. I need to take my meds according to their instructions (which this go around, there are a lot of rules to follow)

2. My lining needs to grow and cooperate (no weird black spots on the ultrasound this time.

3.  My embryos need to survive the thaw.

4.  Transfer needs to go smoothly.

5.  I need to stay as calm as possible despite this being a rather stressful month so my body can focus on implantation

6. Those embies need to get comfy and implant

7. My PCOS needs to stay the f*#^ in check and not mess with the delicate hormonal balance of this whole process

8. Same for my Thyroid

9. Positive Beta

I'm not going past this because I just need to focus on getting that far.  I'm hoping that nothing new pops up to get in the way of this cycle.  I'm just trying to check each item off the concern list one by one... and just getting my period on time was a great start.  Maybe this is The One.

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  1. Love the pic!

    Hoping your FET goes perfectly and you get a sticky BFP!

    Thanks for stopping by. ICLW