Saturday, July 17, 2010


Last night I was feeling quite bitter about IF.  I woke up feeling much more zen then when I went to sleep. Now I'm wondering if I can pull off a real relaxing weekend.  I have been meaning to try daily meditation for the longest time, but I never make time for it or really know what to do.  As my FET sits on the calendar a month away, I have a lot of negative thoughts running through my head.  I want to try and minimize them for the sake of my cycle.  On the off chance that me feeling bitter and angry has a direct effect on my uterine lining, I'm going to try and diffuse all that.  Try.  So, at some point today I'm going to make myself sit and meditate, just for five minutes.  If I say any more than that, I won't really do it.  If it helps in even the slightest way today, I'll try it again tomorrow.  If not, I'll chuck it in the "pile" of crap I've tried to help get me preggo.

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  1. I think this is a great idea. I really think stress can mess up your insides. In my years of fertility board lurking I have heard great things about a certain fertility meditaion CD....I'll email you the info.