Friday, August 20, 2010

a new IF low today.

So today my boss brought his 4 week old baby into work for us all to meet her.  I was standing in a circle with a bunch of coworkers (including my preggo BFF) when my boss held his baby up to me and told her I "had a baby in my belly" and so did my friend.  I couldn't speak cause i was shocked.  My friend corrected him that I am not pregnant.  I told him a couple months ago that I was doing ivf... I guess he figured i must be pregnant by now.  He didn't mean anything bad by it -- he just has no idea what the ins and outs of IVF are... but I've never heard those words since I've never been pregnant... so it floored me.  And my coworkers must've been confused or thinking I really am KU.  I held back the tears until I could sneak away but it was one of my worst moments on this whole IF journey.


  1. oh no! i'm so sorry. i had that happen to me once. my SIL is finally preggers after 5 m/c. a distant relative mistook me for her and came up to congratulate my husband and i. ouch.

  2. VV, that sucks. And thank you for all your sweet comments. I feel like we're on the same page with this stuff. Hope you're doing well!