Saturday, August 14, 2010

something amazing happened on day 1 of my trip!

First of all, airport security did not question my weird mini cooler of ice packs and vag suppositiries... nor did they ask about my needles.  Yay for me and my travel ease... boo for safe airports.  DH and I already decided this is an awesome trip because last night, after I explained to my dad (who is known for accidentally eating things he shouldn't like other people's left overs) not to eat the vag suppositories I left in my parents' fridge.... my mom refeered to my suppositories as...

vagina burgers!

My new favorite IF term... no wait, my new favorite slang for everything!  See people, sometimes amazing things come out of IF.  Yes, I'd prefer to start a family with ease, but this almost makes my many months of struggle worth it.

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  1. omg, i've been a reader for a while now (not sure if i've ever commented) but this post almost made me spit out my water! hahaha! omg, i love your mom. i don't have to do the supps, but i'll never ever not think of them as "vagina burgers" ever again. thanks for sharing! and good luck this cycle!