Thursday, June 23, 2011

6 weeks 1 day

Went in a nervous wreck.  RE said my file's getting thick and that's not good.  Awesome.  But then we did the ultrasound....

We saw a sac.  A yolk.  And a heartbeat!   Best case scenario!  Other than an official document promising me a live birth in Feb.

Spent today feeling really good.  Just went to dinner to celebrate/eat some fish to help grow this baby.  Then came home, pulled my pants down to pee only to find... blood (and a tiny little clot thing).  Called my RE.  He said it might just be that my junk is irritated from the suppositories I have to do twice a day.  I asked if it's from the vag wand from the ultrasound.  He said maybe.  And that I shouldn't freak out, but shouldn't ignore it.  And to tell him how I'm doing tomorrow.  So... we had a day to just feel good.  I still feel okay... but am a little more nervous.  The second I saw the blood I saw a flash of it all going away.  Hopefully that's the last dose of that.  So... great morning, good day, concerning evening.

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  1. A heartbeat!! Hurray!! It must have been amazing to see that tiny little flickering on the screen! :)

    I've been refreshing your blog all day and I was hoping the lack of posting meant you were out celebrating (no news is hood news, right?)

    When I was at about six weeks, I saw blood too. I was terrified. I took it easy and tried not to freak out. I know it's not exactly the same situation, but it turned out fine: He'll be in kindergarten in September :)