Monday, June 13, 2011

Ho. Lee. Shit.

366!  Still pregnant.  My next appt is my first ultrasound next Thurs.  Maybe this is it!  I have some symptoms already (some I have anyway -- pee a lot, tired from work... but I think they are actually happening): generally tired, low appetite, some acidy burps after I eat, peeing middle of the night, insomnia (is that a symptom?), TMI but my nipples are bigger and darker already... and this morning I was fairly nauseous.  I'm sure this will change but I love that I feel any of this because it makes the whole thing feel more legit.  Of course I'm still terrified it will all go away but so far so good.

Oh, and walked into the small room where i work and realized it had been freshly painted with no windows open all weekend.  So I'm sitting in paint fumes with a few cracked windows.  This early along I think it's okay... but yeesh... we worked so hard to get pregnant... don't want this little guy turning to mush from paint fumes.  That's how science works, right?

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  1. Isn't it amazing when you get the symptoms and start to realize it's really REAL?! I'm so incredibly happy for you!!