Wednesday, June 29, 2011

here's my blurry iphone pic...

of the totally on schedule little doo-dad-thingy inside me.  The heartbeat was 124.  Last time we all had to be quiet and hold still to hear it and today it was loud and easy to spot on the monitor.... everything measured on schedule.  My next appt is in 2 weeks and is my graduation from my RE.  I told him it doesn't seem real... he said it's been some journey for all of us.  I told him he should get to count me as 3 pregnancies for his stats.  He agreed.

It's time for me to transition to an ob-gyn.  He also said my miscarriage rate is down to 10% and at the next appt. it will be 2-3%.  We were so nervous today leading up to this.  I feel good.  Hoping this feeling lasts.

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  1. So amazing!!! I am keeping you and the little doo-dad-thingy in my thoughts. Lots of positive vibes being sent to you! Hoping you are taking a deep breath and relaxing a little as it all sinks in! :)