Thursday, June 16, 2011

A long, long time ago

BFF and I bought a ton of Dollar Store preg tests.  Like, thirty.  It was back when I first started TTC.  I had one left and decided to try it this morning.  I've never seen a positive (except the one I took the other day that was a fancy brand) and I know that the dollar store ones start showing positive at 250 hcg.  So even though Monday's beta was 366 and 250 doesn't mean anything.  I did it.  I unwrapped it and saw it expires this month.  That's how long ago I bought it.  Back in the day when I had just gone off the pill and wasn't getting my period and wanted to see if it's cause I was preg.  Little did I know it was the start to a long, long road of shit.  And that none of those tests would ever be positive.  Until this last little dude.


  1. HURRAY!! Crazy that it expired THIS very month, right?

  2. Since you've shared so much TMI stuff lately, I feel obligated to share that I have kept every single positive pee stick from my pregnancies. Never thought I'd feel such a tie to something I've urinated on.

  3. yay for a positive test. here's to more positive tests to come. love you friend!!!