Tuesday, June 28, 2011

7 weeks tomorrow

Last night in Palm Springs.  It's been so nice... but so much of this trip has been avoiding things cause I'm preg, getting back to our room in time for my shot at night... ALL worth it.  IF all is well.  I feel like a bit of a poser now "acting" pregnant.  I think tomorrow might go well... but if it doesn't, all these little moments of taking care of myself like I'm pregnant will feel so dumb.  I started reading pregnancy books.  It got me a little emotional because I've been trying to look at this as another step in ivf (to get through it) and not as in the whole life inside of me thing.  I skip the chapters about adjusting to the shock of accidentally getting knocked up.  I don't know when I will start feeling like a legit preggo.  Hopefully tomorrow's u/s will help get me a step closer.

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