Sunday, June 26, 2011

brand new day

I went to bed blood free.  Woke up blood free.  So... hopefully everything is going peachy keen all up in my reproductive areas.  C and I are off to Palm Springs for a couple days.  I am not allowed to swim.  Of course no drinking.  Our hotel room comes with a massage/day but I don't really want anyone touching me below the neck or above the knee. If you know Palm Springs in the summer.... that doesn't leave me a lot to do.  I will be able to sit in the shade, put my feet in the water, drink icy virgin drinks, sleep, eat, shop... it will still be fun.  Then we drive back Wed. afternoon to hopefully see an even faster heartbeat and that everything is progressing on schedule.  I have work to do, so that will keep my brain busy if I start going baby crazy.  At this second, other than feeling mildly nauseous and bloated, I don't feel pregnant.  Not that I'm itching to barf, but I wouldn't mind a little reassurance.

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  1. enjoy a few lovely days relaxing with your wonderful hubby!!!